Your employees are the heart of your business. For any employer with a vision to grow and expand that business, investing in training to develop the skills of your staff should be high up on your priority list. Whether you choose to have group training sessions or send employees on individual courses, this type of investment is vital in the making of a successful business.

Why is training so important?

From the point of view of your employees, having an employer that is willing to invest in them as an individual is very attractive because it makes them feel valued. It is easy for employees to get bored if they are not challenged on a regular basis, so knowing that there are regular opportunities to develop their skillset and progress within their role is highly motivating. Regular training can improve the productivity and efficiency of each team member which, in turn, makes the employee more valuable to the business.

Also, from a client or customer’s point of view, whether existing or prospective, knowing that you are constantly striving to develop your overall skillset to enhance the service you provide, is incredibly appealing. There is always potential for improvement for all businesses and the fast-paced nature of life today means there is constantly scope to learn new things.

Retaining staff is important for any business because a high-turnaround in staff can have a detrimental effect on how your business is perceived. No one likes to deal with several different contacts over a short period of time and the time it takes to train someone new in a role means that it is much more cost-effective and less time-consuming to help progress the staff you already have.

There are a wide variety of training courses available to suit employees in all industries with all different levels of experience. Many training courses can now be completed online but there are also opportunities to participate in off-site training, so this gives you the flexibility to choose what works best for your business. Local courses can be found easily through local training providers via the internet or social media.

Here at RB, we are currently planning for growth and expansion which is why I have invested in a range of different training courses for my employees across all areas of the business.  Over the next few months, the RB team will be working on completing Diplomas in Advertising and Digital Marketing and gaining skills in the use of Google Analytics and Social Media Strategy in Business. I will also be organising group sessions focussing on personal development and growth as we strive to grow and improve the service we are able to offer our clients.