The New Year is fast approaching which means that 2017 is nearly at its end. Many businesses will be using this time to review their performance over the year and although the final weeks will probably be jam-packed as you prepare for the Christmas break, now is the time to make sure everything is in place for 2018 – particularly if you want to hit the ground running when you return in January.

In an article back in January 2017 we discussed the importance of reviewing last year’s marketing activity so that you are well prepared for the year ahead. Now that Christmas 2017 is essentially on our doorstep, it is the perfect time to reflect on how you have improved and grown over the last 12 months. It would also be a good idea to revisit last year’s activity and see how it compares to this year. We recommend that you allocate some time to sit down with your team to review and ensure that you have a plan in place for 2018. It is important to look at the trends of 2017, review your spend and consider what has been successful to enable you to get the most out of your marketing in 2018.

The end of the year is a time when, in our personal lives, we reflect and set goals for the year ahead. In business it’s no different. Take some time to review your marketing plan and analyse what worked and what didn’t and use this insight to create a revised strategy for the New Year.

Once you’ve done this, why not meet with an agency or freelancer to talk through your plan for 2018? This could be what you need to ensure that you are successful next year. Although the common perception is that working with an agency is expensive and time-consuming, many agencies, like RB, will be willing to tailor their services to appeal to smaller companies who are time poor and have modest budgets and offer bespoke options and packages. Therefore, no matter the size of your company, you can still reap the benefits of an agency relationship.

Working with an agency allows you to benefit from years of experience and many different perspectives. Sometimes you can become too close to your business so a fresh pair of eyes can really help you see an alternative direction for your marketing, one you might not have explored before.

At RB we are happy to meet with local businesses to go through their marketing plans, and provide support and advice where required. Why not meet us for a coffee and a chat to see how we can help you prepare for the year ahead?