Digital marketing has become a vital part of the marketing mix.

It is important that businesses have a strong digital presence in order to reach every type of customer. Digital marketing includes online advertising, social media, blogging, vlogging, email marketing and website usability. So how do we keep up with the demands of digital?

According to a new study by media agency Zenith, 66% of individuals in 52 countries studied now own a smartphone and this figure has increased from 63% in 2017. Vittorio Bonori, Zenith’s Global Brand President explains: “Because the internet is now mobile, brands have the opportunity to use it to communicate to consumers during more of their lives… By reaching consumers at the right occasions with tailored messages, brands can guide them through the consumer journey more effectively.” It is evident that more and more consumers are using smart phones and other digital devices to obtain information, and this is why marketers should consider digital marketing a vital part of their marketing mix.

The digital world can feel like a minefield so it’s important to understand that digital is much more than SEO and Adwords. Social media, email marketing and blogs are online marketing tools that are widely used by businesses to reach different types of audiences, so these should be considered when creating a marketing strategy. Social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have become a huge part of our lives, from both a social and a business perspective. Consumers are becoming increasingly reliant on these platforms for information and for customer service. Therefore, it is important for businesses to have a strong online presence to ensure that they are catering for the audiences they wish to reach.

Online advertising gives an advertising campaign another dimension, allowing you to reach the audiences you wouldn’t necessarily reach through print. It goes hand in hand with other aspects of digital marketing including email marketing, boosted social media posts, blogs and vlogs, all of which enable you to direct people to your website.

If you are unsure where to begin with your digital strategy or you are keen to explore ways to improve your digital communication, we would recommend that you consult an agency or a freelance digital expert for advice. It’s important that you establish how digital can work best for your business and understand the importance of combining digital with more traditional marketing disciplines like PR, advertising or sponsorship to achieve the results you desire.

Here at RB, alongside traditional PR, marketing and advertising we offer a host of digital services from website construction, build and content management to eshots and social media management.  A number of our clients benefit from a range of services provided by the agency, while others are purely PR or purely advertising.  We have clients who use all our services across their business, and we have other clients who use us for just one or two specialisms. If you’re looking for more from your account or you’re looking for an agency that can provide full service consultancy and support for both traditional and digital communication, give us a call.