Entering industry and business awards can be a very lengthy and often stressful process, yet they are great for increasing your brand’s credibility and boosting your profile, both on a regional and national level. If you are not sure which awards are suitable for you, conduct some research to find out what is currently available in your industry and region. As we aspire to become an award-winning agency ourselves, we would always recommend including awards as part of your marketing strategy for the year.

We understand that it is always easy for awards to drop off your radar, particularly if you are busy allocating time to other areas of the business. Consulting an agency to help, could provide the perfect solution. Using an agency will also enable you to benefit from years of combined experience, existing relationships with contacts from a wide range of regional and national awards and experienced award copywriting, saving you valuable time. An agency can work with your marketing team to create the perfect entry, while taking away the hassle of having to liaise with the organisers and physically having to write it.

We also understand that not everyone feels comfortable outsourcing this element of their marketing strategy so if you choose to manage this in-house, we would recommend you follow these tips in order to produce a strong entry:

1) Always fulfil the criteria

Refer to the questions in the content of your answers to ensure that you have answered as clearly and effectively as possible. It is common for judges to disregard your entry if they are not satisfied that the criteria has been met.

2) Include supporting evidence where possible

Material like relevant images, links to videos, examples of coverage received or collateral, all help to boost your entry. Make sure all evidence provided is relevant and clearly label each piece with the number of the question to make it as easy as possible for the judges.

3) Take time to proof read your entry before submission

Make sure your entry is proof-read by as many members of your team as possible to ensure that there are no errors and that all relevant information is included. Invite members of your team to provide feedback and suggestions on ways in which to improve your entry. It should be a team effort.

Having an ‘award-winning’ status is great for team motivation and boosts your business profile among existing and potential clients, making your business more attractive when compared with competitors. Award ceremonies also provide great networking opportunities for your team, so attending these events further increases your chances of meeting new contacts.

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