With the recent changes in Facebook and Google algorithms, it seems as though it is becoming more difficult for brands to achieve high levels of engagement through social media activity. For brands to stand out, organisations need to find new ways of increasing levels of engagement. They need to think outside the box and ask the question: How do we communicate with our target audience and encourage them to engage with our posts?

We would recommend that, in light of these changes, you sit down with your team and your agency and revisit your social media strategy. Revisit your goals and review your analytics to see what worked before and then get your whole team involved to brainstorm new content ideas. The aim for businesses now is to achieve more post interactions (comments and shares) so the more people that are talking about your content, the higher up your post will appear in the news feed.

Allocating a budget to your social media is also something that is worth considering. As Facebook has made it harder for business posts to be seen organically, it is now more important than ever to capture your target audience through paid advertising. Obviously, the more budget you put behind each post, the more people you’re going to reach and the more success you are likely to have in terms of engagement. However, the good thing about social advertising is that a small budget goes a long way so this allows small businesses to get in front of their target audience easily.

Here at RB, we have introduced a new service to our clients to help them increase their engagement both on Facebook and other platforms. We have already created a range of short videos about a variety of different things; from promoting school Open Days to informing customers of industry developments. These videos have provided our clients with another way to promote their messages and encourage people to engage with their brands and so far, this has been highly successful.

As a society we are now very digital minded, so for any business having a strong social presence is vital. Using video as part of your strategy and animating your messages can give your posts a new dimension on your social feeds. This type of service may seem expensive but it can actually be more affordable than you might think.

If you’re interested in how we could help you boost your social media presence or if you would like to find out more about our video service, please do get in touch.

Lauren Fleming Written by Lauren Fleming, PR Account Executive