To stand still is to go backwards. It’s a well-known mantra but explains why it’s been full steam ahead at RB HQ in the last few months. Here Helen Rudd, the company’s new managing director, discusses how drastic change has had lasting impact for the business.


“Change is the only constant” the Greek philosopher Heraclitus said 500 years BC.
I certainly know this to be true.
I also know that when you embrace change and the challenges it brings, you open the door to a wealth of opportunity.
In the last two months RB Agency has experienced the most intense period of upheaval in its eight-year history.
And I can honestly say, hand on heart, that it has been the enthusiasm, dedication and ambition of the RB team that has seen it not just embrace that change, but emotionally invest in the positive outcome of it.
In fact, they have naturally gravitated towards it, finding new and better solutions to deliver on the purpose and vision of the ideal future we are trying to create.


What’s happened?

I own and run a successful, multi-award-winning PR firm called Prominent which has gone through its own intense changes since it was founded five years ago from my kitchen table in Felixstowe.
Back in the summer the opportunity for Prominent to take over RB Agency was mooted when its previous owner decided to make a change in her career.
It seemed like a great opportunity to bring together two teams bursting with experience and give clients a more comprehensive list of services.
But I was also aware that change management can be a source of sleepless nights for MDs.
In fact, in a recent Deloitte survey, thousands of surveyed CEO’s were asked what kept them up at night and 80% of them replied that they were concerned about how to communicate change successfully.
The truth is, you must have buy in. And here at RB – and at Prominent – we had this in abundance.


A united front

We are still two separate businesses – RB Agency is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Prominent – but we work alongside each other.
The Prominent team moved into RB Agency’s offices in Felixstowe at the start of September and we redesigned and reconfigured the space, knocking down walls.
This has allowed us to work in an open office where communication and conversation has encouraged the sharing of knowledge and skills.
This has allowed both businesses to flourish.
On top of this, our change communication has involved clarifying exactly what role each business must play – therefore avoiding stepping on any toes.
This has involved moving the RB PR team and their clients over to Prominent, so RB now only do media buying and Prominent do PR.
This has eliminated any potential for competition and created a clear USP for each business.
To cement our position as sister companies we have also rebranded RB using the Prominent colours of pink, grey and navy blue.


Facing the future

The move has already proved to be hugely beneficial for both companies.
We share skills, we learn from each other, we are growing, and we are thriving off a renewed sense of creativity which is always the result of great minds coming together.
It seems only fitting to end this blog on another well-known quote, this time from the poet and civil rights activist Maya Angelou.
She said: “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it had to go through to become one.”
All I can say is, watch us fly from here.