The team at RB Agency have pledged to help tackle hygiene poverty by appointing The Hygiene Bank as their charity of the year for 2020.

Over 14 million people in the UK live in poverty. 4.5 million of these are children and this figure has increased for the last three consecutive years.

Astonishingly, poverty is closer to home than you think. In Ipswich, 36.8% of children live in poverty.

RB and Prominent kick-started their support for the charity by giving the gift of dignity this Christmas through donating bags of hygiene essentials and personal care products to The Hygiene Bank for their Christmas campaign #ITSINTHEBAG.

Founder of The Hygiene Bank, Lizzy Hall, said “The charity believes that being clean is not a luxury or a privilege and those who are in poverty should not have to make a decision between eating and staying clean. Imagine waking up and not being able to brush your teeth or wash your hair. This is especially hard during the festive season – Christmas should be a time of celebration and joy for everyone, but not being able to keep up with personal hygiene can really affect mental health. So we’re hugely grateful for support from businesses such as RB Agency, not just for their #ITSINTHEBAG donations last Christmas, but for their continued support to help us tackle hygiene poverty in 2020“

Managing Director of RB Agency, Helen Rudd, said “Everyone in the agency was on board and very eager to donate as many hygiene and personal care products to #ITSINTHEBAG as possible. We found some handbags and rucksacks that we no longer use and filled them with anything from toothbrushes and deodorant to make-up and after-shave.
“By donating the basics along with a little luxury gift and a thoughtful Christmas message, we hope we have lifted the spirits of people suffering from hygiene poverty during the Christmas period.
“We are looking forward to being able to continue to donate to The Hygiene Bank in 2020 – as an all-female office we take for granted the amount of cosmetics and hygiene products we have in our bathroom cupboards and are keen to donate them to those that really need them”

RB Agency is continuing the support in 2020 and the RB Agency office will be a drop off point for donations to the charity. All products donated at the drop off point at RB Agency will be donated to The BASIC Life Charity which is local to Felixstowe. The charity works towards the prevention and relief of poverty and welcomes donations like this.

We’re sure you all have an unwanted gift set from Christmas that will probably sit in your cupboard without being used – why not donate it to someone in need?

Any unopened hygiene and personal care products can be donated to the RB Agency office at Gulpher Business Park, Felixstowe.

To find out more about The Hygiene Bank or to make a donation, visit the website.

Sophie and Keira