Case study: Design services

“Not only do RB provide strategic thinking across a number of different media, but they deliver creative solutions to our communications requirements. Their overall approach results in our message reaching the parent with whom we want to engage, and attracting them along to tour open days and other events throughout the year.”

Karen Sinclair, Pilgrims Prep

Pilgrims artwork 2017 bus back

Our client

Pilgrims Pre-Preparatory School is an independent school for little people age 3 months to 7 years old in Bedford and part of the Harpur Trust.

Our brief

Since 2012 RB Agency has worked with Pilgrims Pre-Prep across a full range of marketing disciplines, including design.  The design brief, whether for advertisements, brochures, parent handbooks or its website, is to reflect the school’s values and branding to communicate succinctly the Let them be… key messages the school holds dear.  The activities are focused around the two Open days, held each year in March and November, and are critical to the continued success of the school.

Our solution

RB places high emphasis on the relationship we have with our clients, and Pilgrims is no exception.  We visit the school regularly and speak almost daily with the client to ensure that each piece of design we produce has a strong call to action, reflects the school’s ethos and achieves its objectives.  We pride ourselves on listening anew to each brief on its own merits to ensure that each piece of artwork is a fresh expression of the school’s voice, achievements and character.  The school has beautiful photography and we endeavour to select images that project the school’s ethos, always in consultation with the client and always to a high standard of safeguarding.

Our results

Open Day attendances continue to bring in high calibre visitors ready to entrust their children to Pilgrim’s care.  The challenges of reaching a niche target market twice a year for more than five years and being accountable to the school governors four times a year keeps our team on their toes.  Our client continues to work closely with us for each event, with the agency involved in the school’s social media, parent communication and PR strategies, as well as their media campaigns.   We provide additional consultancy services on related services and play a key role in updating the school’s website and in executing its social media campaigns.

Pilgrims artwork 2017

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