RB Agency is thrilled to announce The Hygiene Bank as its charity of the year for 2020

The team at RB Agency have pledged to help tackle hygiene poverty by appointing The Hygiene Bank as their charity of the year for 2020. Over 14 million people in the UK live in poverty. 4.5 million of these are children and this figure has increased for the last three consecutive years. Astonishingly, poverty is closer to home than you think.... View article

We are recruiting!

Prominent and RB Agency Office manager Due to the growth of both companies, we are looking for an office manager to be based in our HQ at Felixstowe. Prominent is a multi award-winning PR agency with 11 members of staff which was set up in 2014. RB Agency is the region’s leading media buying and advertising agency. Prominent purchased RB... View article

RB Agency: creative media buying and advertising to help you get the most from your adspend

We reduce the admin and stress. You get a first-class media booking experience. RB Agency is a creative media buying and advertising company based in the heart of Suffolk. Our offices overlook fields upon fields of stunning Suffolk countryside which makes it the perfect place for this agency to get... View article

Prominent and RB Agency – one year on

On 23rd July 2018 Prominent purchased RB Agency. A year on, managing director Helen Rudd looks back on the first year of business since one became two. I can’t remember a year ever going so fast. A year ago today, I signed the papers which saw Prominent taking over media... View article

Apprenticeships advert: It’s emotive. But will it work?

Apprenticeships advert: It’s emotive. But will it work? The Department for Education has unveiled its first advertising campaign with M&C Saatchi to attract young people into apprenticeships. Here Sophie Proctor, who joined RB as an apprentice in 2015 and is now a media executive, looks at why this route can... View article

Congratulations Sophie!

This week we are celebrating achievements in the office. We are thrilled to announce that our media executive, Sophie, has become Google certified! Sophie has worked extremely hard over the last couple of months to equip herself with all of the skills she needs to take RB forwards into the... View article

RB’s newest appointment!

We are pleased to announce that we’ve welcomed a new member to the team after experiencing a period of growth. Keira Booty will join the team as office administrator following her graduation from the University of Essex with an upper second class degree in business management.   Keira spent the... View article

Change is the only constant

To stand still is to go backwards. It’s a well-known mantra but explains why it’s been full steam ahead at RB HQ in the last few months. Here Helen Rudd, the company’s new managing director, discusses how drastic change has had lasting impact for the business.   “Change is the... View article

Christmas planning in summer

Christmas? In summer? Why now is the perfect time to start planning your strategy for the festive period. While you’re sipping sangria and topping up your tan, we understand that Christmas is probably the furthest thing from your mind, particularly as a few months ago we thought summer was never... View article

Outsourcing can make financial sense

Have you ever thought about how you tell people about what you do? And if you have tried to, have you been able to do it well or manage the time it takes to do it? At different times and for different reasons, you might need to outsource your marketing.... View article

The key to increasing social media engagement

With the recent changes in Facebook and Google algorithms, it seems as though it is becoming more difficult for brands to achieve high levels of engagement through social media activity. For brands to stand out, organisations need to find new ways of increasing levels of engagement. They need to think... View article

Are you up to date with the latest trends?

No matter what industry you are in, it is important to stay abreast of current affairs and industry trends. In order to be successful and attract new customers and clients, all businesses must have an advanced knowledge about how to progress within their industry. Keeping up with the latest thinking... View article

The business benefits of entering awards

Entering industry and business awards can be a very lengthy and often stressful process, yet they are great for increasing your brand’s credibility and boosting your profile, both on a regional and national level. If you are not sure which awards are suitable for you, conduct some research to find... View article

Award finalist – FSB Awards

We’re so excited to have been selected as a finalist in the Triumph Over Adversity category of the FSB Celebrating Small Business Awards.  As many of you know, I recently battled and overcame breast cancer, and some of the challenges it presented to me professionally in terms of running the... View article

How do we keep up with the demands of digital?

Digital marketing has become a vital part of the marketing mix. It is important that businesses have a strong digital presence in order to reach every type of customer. Digital marketing includes online advertising, social media, blogging, vlogging, email marketing and website usability. So how do we keep up with... View article

Get your marketing organised for the new year

The New Year is fast approaching which means that 2017 is nearly at its end. Many businesses will be using this time to review their performance over the year and although the final weeks will probably be jam-packed as you prepare for the Christmas break, now is the time to... View article

Double distinctions for RB Agency!

There’s a double cause for celebration at RB Agency as the team have received not just one, but two distinctions during November 2017. Managing Director, Tanya Ruffles and PR Account Executive, Lauren Fleming have been awarded top marks after completing courses in WordPress and Social Media Strategy for Business, as... View article

Why investing in training for your staff is so important

Your employees are the heart of your business. For any employer with a vision to grow and expand that business, investing in training to develop the skills of your staff should be high up on your priority list. Whether you choose to have group training sessions or send employees on... View article

Think you don’t need a marketing agency?

Marketing is a crucial part of your business activity and, when it is done properly, it can be an extremely valuable tool. Outsourcing your marketing can be an incredibly daunting prospect and many small businesses in particular, believe they are ‘too small’ to reap the benefits of an agency relationship.... View article

The importance of high-quality images

Images are extremely important in the business world as they play a key role in helping to promote your brand and showcase your products and services. Due to the popularity of social media and the wide range of sources of information readily available online, having a good selection of high... View article

Should you broadcast your political preferences on social media?

At the time of writing this article, we’re at the start of what promises to be a long and exhausting General Election campaign. Social media is used extensively during elections and it begs the question whether as a business owner, you should take extra care during such emotive times as this,... View article

Capturing your audience

Digital Marketing has become a vital part of the marketing mix, but traditional media still plays an important role. If you work in marketing, you will probably have had to make decisions about where to spend your budget and which media will give you the best return on your investment. ... View article

New to the concept of outsourcing?

Whether you’re running a global business or a local start-up, the temptation to keep everything you do in one place, under your overall control, can be huge.  Outsourcing is a perennial topic and businesses outsource all manner of services from finance to HR, from procurement to logistics or IT.  We... View article

January, a time for reflection and new beginnings

January, for many, is a time for reflection and new beginnings. It’s the time when people establish their new year’s resolutions, and begin a fresh start in both their professional and personal lives. So it is no surprise that as soon as we hit the 1st of January, Christmas is... View article