Marketing department solutions

With the capacity and skills to service a diverse range of business sectors and sizes, our marketing department service is tailored to each and every client because no service requirement is ever the same. Our collective experience is vast and so are the services we can provide our clients so that makes it very hard to list every service available. Our typical specialist services include:

  • Media research, planning, negotiation, buying, management and reporting
  • Media booking support services (this is where a client supplies a media schedule and then we negotiate, purchase and manage the bookings)
  • Traditional PR services including strategy and editor/media liaison
  • Design projects
  • Social media strategy, content and management
  • Crisis management

Businesses without a marketing department…

If you are a business without a dedicated marketing professional or department, we understand that you (or someone) will have a task list as long as your arm and very limited time to fulfil all your marketing, advertising, PR and social media objectives. We appreciate that letting go of your business’s marketing and advertising to someone else is also an emotional rollercoaster. At RB we are well seasoned at helping businesses through this transitional period, so you will be in safe, reassuring and competent hands.

If you would like to find out how we could help you each month we would welcome you to join us for a coffee and a chat (our place or yours!) so we can find out about you, your business and your needs. We are not heavy on the sales pitch and everything we propose is done with a consultancy approach for your consideration.

Businesses with a marketing manager or department…

You have a marketing manager or marketing department and now your business needs additional support without the recruitment cost. Whether it’s for a permanent, semi-permanent or fixed time basis, we are well versed at working alongside established marketing professionals to fulfill the tasks that they don’t have time for, often managing specific projects or areas of marketing that your team hasn’t time for.

Typically, companies with a marketing manager or department choose to outsource the time heavy administration tasks or specialist projects to RB so allow them time to concentrate on working on their core business instead of firefighting each day. For example, in one moment we could be called upon to complete an advert re-size and the next to book a media schedule. Our marketing department support service is totally flexible so whatever your need – or if your need constantly changes – then we are your solution. Come and have a coffee and chat, our place or yours, to discuss how RB can best support your business.

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