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“During our restructuring RB has successfully managed a wide range of different marketing tasks including media communications, advertising and literature redesign with efficiency and enthusiasm. They continue to be a real pleasure to work with.”

Smiths Environmental Services

Many view PR as dark art, it’s that essential part of the marketing mix that many struggle to explain exactly what it is.  It is essentially the way in which an organisation communicates with all of its audiences, how it promotes itself and how it builds and manages a positive reputation and public image.  PR is a complex element of marketing but primarily it is about creating lasting and engaging relationships with your key audiences via numerous channels.  PR is more than just basic media relations (but if that is all you require then we can absolutely do that) it also encompasses elements such as; awards and exhibitions, digital and social communications, internal communications, brand identity creation and management, reputation management, crisis management, corporate communications and investor relations.

Before we recommend what we think is right for you we like to ‘walk in your shoes’ to really get to know you as a business and your audiences so that we can recommend the best way for you to communicate with them effectively. PR can be a complex element of marketing and we can’t explain it all here, but there are always regular PR activities that clients require from us, these are typically:

  • News releases
  • Editor interviews
  • Case studies/testimonials
  • Bylined articles in line with publication features
  • Newsletter/eshot
  • Awards

So where does our expertise lie?  In short, across the whole spectrum of PR, our PR team has a wealth of both consumer and B2B experience across a variety of sectors.  With our PR expertise comes extensive content writing experience, our team are extremely talented content writers.  In addition to offering content writing as part of our full service PR and marketing offerings, we also offer bespoke content writing services on a project basis.  Here are a few of the areas where we can provide content:

  • Marketing literature
  • Advert copy
  • Magazine articles and news releases
  • Corporate literature
  • Case studies
  • Website and e-newsletter copy
  • Internal communications
  • Award entries

Of course there is so much more to PR than listed on this page, so if you are interested in finding out how we can help with your PR and copywriting needs, please give us a call on 01394 286402.

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