Public relations is essentially the way in which an organisation communicates with all of its audiences, how it promotes itself and how it builds and manages a positive reputation and public image.  PR is a complex element of marketing and we can’t explain it all here, but there are always regular PR activities that clients require from us, these are summarised below.

  • News releases. Here we create hooks for news stories, investigate case studies and interview appropriate candidates, identify features and provide relevant copy for bylined articles. This introduces you to your audiences whilst highlighting the company, products and services and what you have to offer potential customers.
  • Editor interviews. Part of any media relations campaign is to ensure that the editors of industry publications are familiar with our clients; one of the easiest ways to encourage this is through editor visits where we invite the press to meet our clients (accompanied by us), one-to-one, at lunch or similar. We manage the entire process from first contact to actual meeting.
  • Case studies/testimonials. Case studies should be developed, drafted and sold into appropriate publications as part of your marketing strategy. They are also useful for social media and websites; this type of communication can be extremely influential, encouraging trust in another person’s opinion of your products and their performance.
  • Bylined articles in line with publication features. These articles serve to establish your key spokespeople as opinion leaders within your sector on topical industry matters.
  • Newsletter/eshot. This form of advertising precisely targets your target audience; it’s an invaluable tool via which to provide information directly to a number of contacts. We can write eshot content, or we can fully manage the design and send as well – it’s up to you how much you need us to do. An eshot does not replace your existing marketing activity, it complements everything.
  • Awards. Within any media relations campaign we believe that given the appropriate category opportunity, awards can offer a wealth of advantages to a brand and its products.  Not only do you gain kudos if you win, but attending award ceremonies can create a number of networking and industry knowledge-gathering opportunities.

Media relations alone can only do so much, so it is for this reason we propose this is the basis of your campaign but that it is complemented with other marketing activities.  Together, a range of marketing activities support a brand, its identity, its core values, key messages and increases its audience’s product knowledge.

Of course there is so much more to PR than listed on this page, so if you are interested in finding out how a PR strategy might look and feel for your business please do give us a call on 01394 286402 and ask for Nicola, Jill or Lucy.

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