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With 20 years administrative experience I am well practiced in organisation, project management and planning. I joined RB in 2014 as a Media Co-ordinator, and with hard work, lots of learning and development I have made my way up to become the Media Planning and Booking Manager. Alongside managing a small team who support me at every step of our clients’ journey I fully research, plan and manage local, regional and national multi-media proposals for our clients. I want every media campaign to be successful regardless of budget and I always look forward to client campaign updates – especially when they say their campaign has been a huge success (we get that a lot!) it makes my day.


Q & A

Q. Where have you been on holiday?

A. Far too many to list, I do love my luxury hot holidays………. in fact I have two already planned for this year, Turkey and Dominican Republic much to the annoyance of my colleagues as I don’t go on about them much!


Q. What is your favourite part of the day?

A. When a proposal is all finished and sent across to the client, on time, and fulfilling the brief that was supplied.  Great job satisfaction!